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National Media Museum Bradford

National Media Museum Bradford

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.                                                                                                     Quoted by Malcolm X


This definition of media is one that showed to me the development of media and the reasons for why it is something that is needed to be understood and studied. The National Media Museum informs us all of the power the media has on our ability to form an opinion. Within this review, I will be looking at the history of three main aspects of media, with references to the materials and expeditions available at the Museum. The museum is a great resource of information related to media and gives the ability to experience media with expeditions such as in their brand new “In Your Face” exhibit.  As well as having a floor dedicated to the development of video games. All of which are needed when looking at Media as a whole, however, this review will look at the significations of media in the world and if it is something that needs to be kept and treasured, and if it is needed, what is its purpose. Is it to look at what we have done wrong in society, and its incorrect use of the platform mass media has given, or how we have used media to allow the masses to be given fails hope that has saved the masses through the use of media.


The Museum showed a detailed and effective, timeline of the way TV was shared and experienced by many. This shows how TV was not used for entertainment but to inform and use it as propaganda, a way for the government to connect and control the information the people were receiving. With the creation of the BBC, all forms of media were, used to inform.

The BBC being the only outlet available for consumption due to this many people did not see the reason behind having a TV. When looking at definition of media it is also known as mass communication, so looking at the way TV was used to communicate the three main events shown at the museum first would be on 26th September 1960 over 60 million Americans watching, with it being the first opportunity for many voters to see the candidates Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy. There then was the first televised war the Vietnam war that had the television playing a major role in the change of a positive and upbeat opinion of the war with many seeing it as an “official message” of how they were stopping the “Red Scare” from happening, to a negative and disastrous move as many people at home saw the destruction and loss of life on both sides.

Although the Museum offers many forms of media it doesn’t fully answer the question of “what is media”. This is because it does not incorporate the most modern form of media, social media. With social media the museum would be able to show and answer what is the significations of media in the world and if it is something that needs to be kept and treasured, and if it is needed, what is its purpose.


Overall the museum is able to show what significant media has in the world with events such as elections, 2016 one as an example as well as informing people of the dangers of war, but when looking at modern media it is lacking.


1. Supposedly said at a speech in 1963. As quoted in “Redefining Black Power: Reflections on the State of Black America”, City Lights Books, 2013, p. 115 – ISBN: 9780872865488 Read more at














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