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Luke Cage TV Review


Luke Cage which first appeared in the marvel world  in the comic Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1 (June 1972) aspects of this comic is used in the netflix series as when the character is remembering his time in , this marvel character has been used in the marvel world as a supporting character in shows such as Ultimate Spider-Man 2012- however this rendition of the character shows him as a teen not giving full explanation to how he received his power. Many say it is the watered down version of the character to suit the target audience of the show.


Actor Mike Colter first  played the character in the first season of  another of Netflix’s marvel Cinematic Universe live-action television series, centered show Jessica Jones, after this appearance many fans of Cage became


Okay now that I have done the basic information on the series,  I want to start talking about my opinion on how it was made and portrayed to it audience. First I would give this a rating of 5/5 for the way it focuses on the gang life / culture in Harlem USA, with actor Mahershala Ali representation of Cottonmouth being

extraordinary. The way it  shows his struggle to keep out of the “family business” as a  young boy/child with him being  reluctance from the beginning to partake in the business wanting to keep with his music, but then being forced to do so from the family leader, his auntie as it was “expected” of him,  to do so as a male.


Cornell’s life is then thrown out  of balance by the appearance of Cage. With Netflix being able to portray  the character spiralled out of control with the use of camera angles and flashbacks.  Cornell’s inability to allow others to take control of the situation he sees as an invasion on the “world” he created. His need to be the one to end the “invincible”  Luke Cage became an obsession that in turn later, became his downfall.


When looking at His cousin Black Mariah portrayed by Primetime award-winning actress Alfre Woodard the character could be seen as more developed and complex. This is because, in the beginning, many fans did not know what her character was meant to do with the telling of the story. With many questioning, if she was just added to the story for no reason were said and made in the first few episodes of the show. Later on in the series, however, audiences were able to see that was she just a corrupt as Cornell , the families idea’s and beliefs were also taught to her which in turn may have lead to her actions later on in the show which she does try to repent to. You could see her resistance  to be involved in the gang life and world even towards the end elements of her uncontrollability which made the TV show more engaging to watch.


Some people however may feel uncomfortable with the TV show this is because of the excessive use of the N Word, this however could be seen as necessary as it represents and shows the setting and location of Harlem and as Black Mariah states it makes Harlem “black again”.  For me although it did at some point make me question if it was overused or underused in questionable scene.

This however should not Make people feel that they shouldn’t watch this great series which is very well done  and may become one of my best Marvel interpretations Made into a TV show done. This is because it was not Overly animated with unrealistic showings of his power but did show that he did have power in a more sophisticated and understandable way.
To conclude the only downside to this that we have to wait a whole year to continue the TV series.

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