Pokémon Go Round Table Dissusion

The Pokémon Go craze of 2016 has resulted in a university discussion on the effects it has on the world. With guest speaker’s Dr Ruth Deller (Researcher of Media and Reality Games) and Steve Benford (Professor of collaborative computing in the Mixed Reality Laboratory) who gave an insight on why the craze had occurred. I will be focusing on summarising the key arguments and facts given during the debate.


Pokémon Go was released June 2016 during the period that is known as silly season, this is a period of time during the summer season, where articles that may not usually gain attention the rest of the year. Due to this many believe that this resulted in a large number of downloads as of Monday, July 11th, the game was seeing about 21 million daily active users,



The use of GPS and the augmented reality is not a new concept with games such as location Based GPS game “Can u see me now” released 2001 with the game allowing for both real life interaction as well as online. 2003 “Uncle Roy All Around You” was known to be allowing both online and real life player to player to push “the magic circle” and blur the lines between reality and virtual reality. When linking the pushing of boundaries Pokémon Go used the beta game Ingress, which was also an augmented reality multiplayer game, was launched in beta by Niantic in 2011.[2] Due to this many felt that it was a safe game with all of the “Pokemon stops and Gym’s” had been chosen and calculated.

However, for many such as Boon Sheridan [3]this calculation could be seen as a bother with homes and private land being ignored by players whose main goal are only to catch Pokémon’s.


There, however, has been positive links to Pokemon Go when looking at company who had impressed what was occurring and in turned made a profit examples such as at one of the Sheffield clubs which held a Pokemon Go themed party or shops saying things such as” Eat and catch Pokemon at the same time” or even claiming what teams they support.



Pokemon go in a whole could be seen as a break thru of a game as it has shown what could be achieved with the use of GPS-based games, and although the risk factor is still very high it could be seen as a way for old and new generations to interact, the game allowed for people to find and discover new locations in their own surroundings.


To conclude Pokemon Go has been one of the most advanced technology’s released in recent years following games that like Pokémon created a craze. Though predecessors could be seen as angry bird as well as flappy bird. Now the world awaits what is to follow with many speculating it could be a Harry Potter themed game. [4]



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[2] http://mashable.com/2016/07/10/john-hanke-pokemon-go/#RhDjotMx1kq9

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