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History Of Media: 3) How Much is too Much? What is the Future of Social Media?

The future of social media, where is it going? How will it change and what outcome will occur with how we communicate with each other? These are questions that have been asked since the beginning of the technological age, we are creating a tech depending on the world, which demands our constant attention. This is shown with companies becoming one. Examples of this would be Facebook, purchasing major contender, Instagram a platform that allows for users to share snap images of their lives. Many argue that this trend will continue with other examples of this with Twitter buying the rights for the six-second app Vine in 2016. Gradually, these individual platforms could morph and blend into a single all-in-one social experience. It would take years to accomplish this with minimal user disruption, but it’s a possibility.


[1]“Already, social media platforms are recognising the demands for customizability and personalization in their user bases. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for example, are giving their users more control over the types of content that appear in their news feeds, or even giving them the power to change how their news feed operates. In the future, social media platforms may take this to the next level, giving users the power to create their own systems of content provision, or even adapting on the fly to intuitively provide what individual users want.” (DeMers, 2016) The future looks that social media will develop and become in my view a McDonaldization which has occurred in all form of modern society. Examples of this can be seen in traditional forms of media with social media sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube becoming social media big four such as Hollywood have the big six companies and books have their own big companies.


To conclude I believe that social media has been created as a way to communicate and connect with others around the world, and as it takes its place in the modern world I believe that its future will continue to grow and in some cases overtake traditional forms of media, along with other modern-day forms of media such as smartphones are taking over gaming consoles, streaming networks are overtaking the sales of music and our need to stream TV and not pay for TV tax. The world is changing and social media is at the for front of it all.









[1] DeMers, J. (2016, August 22). 6 possibilities for the future of social media marketing. Retrieved January 8, 2017, from Channel: Social Media Marketing,


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