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History Of Media: 1) Communication In The Begining

Identify how a media disruption has determined and modified the creation, reception and perception of an aspect of the media.  To enable this, you will research a particular aspect, object, or event that relates to contemporary and even future media history.

When looking at the distribution of social media its creation comes from our need to communicate together. Throughout history, we have created thousands of forms of communication from the stone age with drawings on the wall to Egypt hieroglyphics. I will be looking into how the human needs to communicate with each other. As well as how it has developed into social media being part of our lives, with people becoming dependent on social media as a way to connect.  I will look into the technology built and developed that resulted in its creation.  Then finally I will predicate where social media is going and what we can expect in the future.

Communication with other has been done in many ways throughout history the most well know and still used could be the Morse code created in 1844 by Samuel Morse it was the first form of communication which used electric impulses [1] (p1 Carol. 2005)  with this we were able to communicate over vast distances and send coded messages to troops during the war. In early 2000 the form of communication was not social media but email chat rooms which could hold group conversations platforms such as MSN and Yahoo massager, became largely popular as they had allowed for thousands of people to talk to each other around the world.


[1] Marshall, Carol. (2005). Morse Code History. (Brief Article). School Library Journal,51(8), 52.









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