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Relationship Between Me And The Media




• Task 2: Write up today’s session on your blog.

Media my opinion of it has also been to see it with a pinch of salt, this is because it can be changed and manipulative.

What is it  how I consume it I am dependent but not reliant

It is part of the social norm to have some social media and a connection to media. If you look at countries that have just

Relationship between me and the media What Role does media Have in my life

how I will log



• Task 3: Look at the Media Lives project on the Ofcom website, which has involved people keeping media diaries for several years and giving video interviews. (Link here: Adults with a summary of the most recent findings. and children and on Shuspace)

• What were the aims of this project?

“The Media Lives study was originally set up in early 2005 to provide a small-scale, rich and detailed qualitative complement to Ofcom’s quantitative surveys of media literacy. Whereas the surveys seek to quantify, in a statistically robust way, how many and what kind of people have different levels of media access, awareness, skills and understanding, Media Lives aims to provide a human face to the data. This 11-year ethnographic video study has tracked the evolution of individuals’ relationship with digital media – how it fits into their lives, what motivates them to adopt new technology and learn new skills, their usage habits, levels of understanding, issues and concerns. Each participant is interviewed in-home and at length (each interview lasts around 90 minutes). This allows both for a full exploration of the relevant issues and for demonstration/observation of media use in situ. Eleven waves of research have now been conducted; the first was in February 2005, with subsequent waves in October 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. The most recent interviews took place between 12 October and 7 November 2015 and were conducted by Mark Ellis, Tony Harbron and Tony Palmer of The Knowledge Agency. The number of participants in the study is relatively small, but these people have been chosen carefully to reflect a broad cross-section of the UK population in terms of age, location, ethnicity and social circumstances. The unique methodology has allowed us to have extended discussions with these individuals, and to track their progress over time. Five of the 19 participants in the latest round of interviews have been part of the study since the start, and seven more joined the study in 2006. As the profile of the sample becomes – by definition – progressively older, we have regularly recruited new participants at the bottom”


My view: 

From reading the opening I can see that the aim for this is to show how the data is collected for its research on how we consume and interact with media during the modern age. Ofcom  use of live logs that where collective  of people’s daily interactions with media are also effective in showing how behaviour changes and develops over time


• How did some of the findings change over time?

When looking at the 12 elements used within the Ofcom can see the way that in the beginning we looked at TV and Radio and now have things included such as Anti-social media use which shows how we have begun to develop our understanding of human emotion with the inclusion of our social media relationship.

Section 3: Television and streaming content Section 4: Radio and podcasts

Section 5: Social media /Section 6: Other online activity

Section 7: Mobile devices/  Section 8: Privacy and security issues

Section 9: Attitudes to news /Section 10: Attitudes to advertising

Section 11: Attitudes to children’s media use /Section 12: Anti-social media use.


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