Dear White People….Are you offended or Open-minded?

Dear White People….Are you offended or Open-minded?



Dear White People.

Are you offended with my polite introduction to my opinion on your reaction to the new Netflix remake of the 2014 movie “Dear White People”? If you are then here are my reason for thinking your acting like an entitled piece of shit.


Reason one, your opinion is based on a 35-second trailer. If you think that 35 second is enough time to judge something, then you must have some sort of super powers to know what will occur in the ten episodes that have yet to be aired. Many may argue that the trailer was horrendous and in turn, the show should not be created because it was not to their taste and your super power has informed you it is horrible.  Unfortunately, your white powers mean nothing to me. I, however, do believe that the trailer is in some way distasteful as it does not portray the real meaning of the show which is about BLACK PEOPLES lives in university and how they feel to either rebel or conform to the ways of their fellow white students.


Reason two, it has nothing to do with you. So there is no need to be like, maybe we should make a show called Dear Black people…  see how you like it. Well sorry to inform you that this has already been made it called “Blackish” and it is amazing! The use of “Dear” may have made you feel that it’s a letter you must read, but do you really need to read it? Think of it as a tax or a bill for a service your using that you never open so you are intern oblivious to what the letter entails, if you have open the letter addressed to you the, unfortunately, you have to keep reading before you decided that this letter addressed to you has offended your pride and is a hate letter to you culture and society. For all, you know it may be a love letter starting out sour like a sour ball and turning into a sweet and well-formed centre.



Reason three the final reason is YOU HAVENT SEEN THE SHOW YET! It not out yet to be judged and when it is out I will write a review on how it was done. If you have cancelled your account because of it  I would also like to point out … it’s not the only show available on the god damn platform if you want recommendations there are other original shows such as Fuller House, Sense 8 and Stranger things. You have the ability to just not watch it.



To end this love letter from me to you here is a piece of information to broaden your thoughts. We have become a generation that has become intuited and feel that our opinions mean the world if we don’t like something we block, boycott and protest an idea. although half the time we do not have a full grasp of what an idea or a piece of work is trying to portray only looking at sections which we automatically find offensive and become graded about our opinions are then not fully formed arguments. This is true when looking at the reaction to dear white people.


So Dear White People, are you offended or open-minded?



From Hodan Ibrahim

Sheffield Hallam Media Student 1st Year

WordPress: https://ibrahimhodanmedia.wordpress.com


Published On Shu Paper


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