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Media Audience Log Post 1: What I expect to happen and how I will conduct this research.

Entry one preparing for conducting your log:


Media to me has always been seen as a form of escapism through the use of reading apps such as Wattpad, Radish as well as Amazon kindle app on my phone. When growing up in the twenty-first century we are accustomed and programmed, to be attached to some form of media or electronic device, if not people begin to question your wealth and other aspects of your life. We no longer use traditional ways, such as awards and other forms of praise to show merits but have become dependent on ensuring that we have more, views, likes, friends and followers on social media platforms.

When conducting the trial run of the log, I saw that whilst performing the 24hr trial my usage and consumptions of media depended heavily on my emotions, this is shown on the 24hr log where I was ill and in turn spent most of the day reading the paperback edition of my favourite novel and eating soup.


My only ways to access media whilst at university are my phone and laptop, so if I have to deal with what I am going to be using, it does not seem to hard. I say this after doing the trial 24 hours where I only used my phone and laptop for six hours and spent the rest of the day sleeping, but I know I can do it…

In all serious when conducting the trial, I saw that I could not write and log my usage on the log document at the same time, this is because I felt that it was not a clear repetition and it demanded that I used my laptop at periods of time I would not usually use it at. So when conducting the 72-hour log I have printed out the template and will be noting down my usage as the day progresses.  When looking at advertising and mobile phone usage I plan to only focus on an advertisement that has gained my attention and is not part of background noise. How I will choose between this is by trying to see what advertisement had a lasting effect and that I was not able to skip over or have ad block evoked. The app on phones is not something I see as an issue as I will ensure not to close an app on my phone so that If I do forget to log an interaction I can see what app had been opened and used on the day. To ensure there is no false data I will wipe the tab draw before I go to sleep each day.


A key challenge is making sure that I do this study continuously without fail and noticing when media is being used. When finishing this trial, I hope to find that I spend my time wisely and do not procrastinate as much as I am stereotyped to do as a teen.


So with no further wait, I give you my 72hr log… I hope I don’t sleep the whole way, through.


Continued in Media Log 2…



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