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Media Log Part 2: Findings


72 hours have been done and mastered and I am not tired of seeing the table, and I did not become a little crazy for highlighting every minute of the day… for three days … continually, I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice as I type this.


In all seriousness, I found that by conducting the study on days that I do not have lessons and am not forced to wake up at  nine am,  I am a stereotypical teenager spending every morning  for at least an hour, going on the same apps to look at notifications and see what my classmates back home have been doing whilst I slept. A challenge that I had found whilst conducted the study was as I had guessed, continuity was a problem as there are times where I would forget to write down an interaction and would spend the night trying to remember what I did in that hour. However, an issue I did not predict was the time it took to type out each interaction onto the word document and looking back I would have tried to block my usage hourly.


My findings whilst conducting the 72-hour log showed that I did not spend large chunks of the day online,  I believe the main reasoning could be that whilst not being forced into doing work I do not tend to procrastinate with my time. I could see that I spent the large portion of my time on music streaming as well as scrolling through social media. On Friday I was assigned my articles for the newspaper so I spent some time doing research on the topic I was given. Another finding is that on days I do not have university I spent a large amount of time on my own within the accommodation and I found this worrying, but then remembered that this is only for that specific week and I actually spend a large amount of time with family and course mate, as well as flatmates, and although this is true I began planning outings and ways to interact more with people during times that I am not required to be in university.


If asked if I found my results shocking I would reply that with no I did not find my end results shocking; this is not because I knew I was a TV addict/book addict. With the usage of apps such as TV Show Time, I am able to regulate how much time I spend watching anime, tv dramas and shows daily. I know that this is because  I know that I am a creature of habit, someone who enjoy a form of structure and mental stimulation through entertainment and shows.

The only shocking element out of this experience is that I had expected to have more online interactions but I had actually only spent small amounts of time online. I, however, do know that this is not a truthful representation of my daily life. I think this because we all know that when conducting a study and knowing that you are the key subject can and will alter your behaviour in one way or another because you may want to show a better side of yourself when your life is written on a spreadsheet. I feel that I did this unconditionally, let’s just say that I don’t actually go to sleep at 9;58/10:30 pm every day, but I felt like I should go to sleep early because I am a good person you know being healthy and everything… Or I went to sleep early because I just couldn’t be asked to continue logging, you will never know. I just know that doing a 72hr log has made me never want to see another word table as long as I live.



Continue to the Evaluation on Part 3: D

Where I shall add theory into my mundane life and try to spice it up by letting theory looking into the deeper meaning of why I watch cartoons…






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