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Media Log Part Three: Evaluation

This evaluation of the 72hr log will be my way to incorporate the theories learned in lessons into my results and look into the deeper reasons for the ways I interacted with the media on a daily basis. I am going to be looking into three theories and ideas that I believe link to my personal usage style.

The first theory that I feel is linked to my personal usage is Uses and gratifications, by McQuail (1969). The main points of the theory are:

  • Surveillance – knowledge of the world around us.
  • Personal identity – use in developing and expressing identity
  • Personal relationships – use in building and sustaining relationships
  • Diversion – escapism, fantasy, pleasure etc. (2)

I believe that my usage when relating it to this theory my main use of media is Surveillance, this is shown with the need to scroll through social media outlets such as Instagram. The social pressure to look good and document all forms of our lives online and to get recognition with the need to receive likes on images is something my generation is programmed to do. Although I wish that this was not the reality I cannot say I have not posted something to get some form of recognition. This idea could also link to personal identity with our need for likes views and comment feeling as ways that my generation have used to develop our personality with what we view and comment on. In all truths, my usage for Tumblr is only to see and interact with people’s reactions to anime and books I read/watch.

When finding a weakness some people may see what I find as a weakness a strength but the key weakness, in my opinion, is that all four reasons could be used in all interactions an example of this is my usage of the app Wattpad before I sleep. I am surveilling as I am looking at the reactions of others to a book, I am also developing my personal identity within the app by commenting and reacting to new releases and finally, the app allows for me to improve personal relationships with people from all corners of the world, and the most important aspect of the app is a way of escapism into another world. Many may say that although the method could have all the points used in a study you have to view what is the most important reason.

Usage and consumption of media are something that as a person born in the age of social media is something that is not shocking, as Gauntlett and Hill stated we are the creature of habit and this is something that I have already stated when looking at my log. “Most people did have a mentally timetabled routine. Even those whose day did not have to start at a specific time, or who had avoided the rigidity of ‘5.20: Make cheese on toast, 5.35: Watch Neighbours’, still had a clear idea of how long particular activities should take, and approximately when they should occur.” (Gauntlett and Hill 1999: 284) I am that creature of habit here is the examples:


When looking at the data collected I notice that I go on the same three to four apps before leaving the bed and spend an hour doing so, it shows that social media has a key role in my life because I feel the need to stay informed. This, however, is not something bad as someone who writes for the university I find that if I do not know what is occurring in the world I am not able to report what is happening. Unfortunately to those who state that we do not need social media I have to politely disagree because in some cases it is the way that my generation connects and finds out information. This is done by reading the Daily Mail on Snapchat or looking at what is trending on Facebook and what hashtag is going around Twitter.

Overall, when looking at the data I collected and connecting it to theories if I was to do this again I would conduct the experiment during a seven-day period. Although I may once again hate the sight of tables but it is a risk I am gonna have to be willing face to get a clear and wider representation of my media usage. Another thing I would do and state before doing this again is that as a person whose media is linked to my emotions my log will always depend if I wish to be connected to the world or want to be isolated and hibernate for two days. Our media usage is and will always be developing and evolving, daily, weekly and yearly. This log will be something that I may reuse later on in life to see how my interactions have changed and to see if my anime addition followed me to my twenties.


Bibliography / Refrences


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