University Work

Being A University Student.

This is a platform that I have been using for a university, this is something I also did in A-level, as a media student to run a blog is something you are expected to do .. I am also supposed to have all my lectures on here… That’s my summer homework 🙂

With a blog, I have more freedom to show my opinion as well as use it as a way to attract potential jobs or volunteering, internships etc. I work for the University paper so am able to show my articles on here as well as on the papers’ websites because the more places your work is on the more people who will see it.

A website is something that can be made easily and a way to create your brand and promote it in any way.

I created mine:


You are going to create a brand and try to market it there are hundreds of ways video, posters, leaflets, presentation etc.


When creating a brand you have to think of how it will REPRESENT YOU and YOUR PRODUCT.








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