University Work


  • Why is it difficult to define ‘identity’?
  • What roles can experience and our social context play in shaping our identities?
  • What are identity categories, and why do they matter?  
  • What are the arguments for and against seeing our identities as entirely unique to each of us?

This Lecture and Seminar I answered and focus on the questions I learned the way that as people we have the need to categorise and compute who, each everyone is we can have positive effect because it allows for the  finding people of the same ideas and beliefs, but they also have a negative idea as it will allow to lower or undermine one group or another.

We then made a list of the way I could identify myself

  1. Black Skin
  2. Muslim Religion
  3. Comic Book Nerd
  4. Blunt
  5. Movie person
  6. Lazy When not doing something I want to
  7. Creative
  8. Blue
  9. Dutch
  10. Chi drinker

Our personalities come from genetics birth family where we were born, our schooling and the group of friends we have.

I chose the forms of entertainment and where I came for uni as I decided where I did everything.

Anime is life for me 

I am a  millennial  am stereotyped as sensitive, self-titled

Student Stereotype 

  1. unorganised
  2. student discount is our lives
  3. sleep deprived
  4. Wasting time on a creative course
  5. always out of money
  6. drunk
  7. We are “Discovering life


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