This is where I will be posting images of my creative journey with a camera. Some images I may have done by me or someone else with me than editing it in some way or form to show my view of the image. If I do this I will post both the edited and the none edited image as well as credit the original photographer.

Warrick Castle/ Cambridge.

During my First year of university, I went on a trip going to Cambridge and Warrick looking at the way the buildings connect with nature as well as having fun with the historical information.


Tate Modern London 2k17

I went on a day trip with my friends using my Friend Emily as my main model. We looked at the free expeditions within Tate Modern. As someone from London I have been going to Tate most of my life, I will always find something new to see through the lens of my camera.


A Day out in London 

I wanted Icecream with Candy Floss so I went to Milktrain in London with my best friend and the day out turned into another photo shoot with both of us having fun. All images are done by me and the Model Naghma Butt.




 Second Year Of University 

Here you can see my change in style and how a new year with a module in photography. Each week I was given new themes and ideas to try looking into the ways that my camera worked and how I could use it to create something new and original.


Nature Photography (Micro Shots) 

The first week we did nature shots in the Peace Gardens in Sheffield and I learned how to take close-ups with my Nikon D2300 which is my main runner.


Little Town Bakewell 

I went to Bakewell for a photo shoot to do Portraits, but whilst there I fell in love with all of the small details, in the parks, shops and personal stores around the area


Colour Movement at night