Going To Morocco: Marrakech 2K17

I’m Going On a Trip With an Easy Jet Ship, Going To Marrakech, With a Tish.

I will be writing, but what  I wanna do before I go to the place this is not, my first time in Morroco but last time I went with family and went to the tourist hotspot Agadir. So I spent the time bathing at the beach and going out once or twice. This However Is not My Goal This Time!

Places I went:

  1. El Bahia Palace
  2. Essaouira
  3. Ben Youssef Madrasa
  4. Le Jarin Majorella
  5. Photography Musem







Essaouira was a three-hour coach journey from Marrakech each way with blue and clear seas the town is less of a tourist attraction with locals living their lives more naturally and focusing more on their day to day lives rather than gaining the attention of a former to get them into their shop, restaurant or gift store. it was a nice relaxing location that only needed four hours to explore and visit.


Le Jardin Majorella




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